Special offer this weekend!

Special offer this weekend!

Published by Idolpixels · 2015-11-20T00:51:00+0000

This weekend we're doing a special one-time offer to receive 20GB of daily bandwidth for 6 months (and unlimited concurrent downloads) for a reduced price! All you need to do is head on over to JCOSPLAY by clicking THIS LINK here. Once there, simply subscribe for 1 month (for $39.95) and then contact us at: http://idolpixels.net/contact - Be sure to include your username and e-mail address so we can verify your purchase. After we've confirmed your purchase, your account be be upgraded to include 20GB of bandwidth for 6 months, without any waiting times. That's $60 cheaper than our current donation tier for 6 months! Don't wait, because this offer ends at midnight on 22nd November!

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