Bandwidth Limit

Bandwidth Limit

Published by Idolpixels · 2015-06-04T11:55:28+0000

We've changed the maximum downloads per day to a daily bandwidth instead. Currently, all registered users will receive 2GB of bandwidth daily for downloading imagesets. This will be reset automatically every 24 hours, but sometimes this could be 2-3 days depending on total site traffic. In addition to this, since we don't want users downloading the entire site in one day, we've capped the daily limit to 20GB for users that donate. To sum up:

  • Regular users receive 2GB daily (Reduced to 500MB from 2016/09/01)
  • Users that donate will receive 20GB daily

If you experience any problems with downloads, please contact us using the contact form in the menu!  Also, it's now possible to see the filesize for imagesets in the 'stats' section beneath the image. If the imageset reads as 0MB, this means the set is smaller than 1MB and is most likely a preview set or mixed collection.

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