Idolpixels Rebuilt

Idolpixels Rebuilt

発行者 Idolpixels · 2015-06-03T05:35:23+0000

Welcome to the new version of the site! Due to our concerns about being unable to sustain Idolpixels into 2016, we decided it was time to change the framework of the site. Between early 2011 and today, the Idolpixels gallery grew to include over 600,000 individual images - And with caching included, that resulted in over 3 million files being stored on our server. Combined with several thousand visitors each day, even a high-end server would have a hard time with this, and since we cannot afford to keep that version of the site running in 2016, we decided to change those 600,000 images into downloadable imagesets instead. This means that Idolpixels will not be closing in 2016, and we can keep the site online.

Idolpixels Merger

You may have noticed that Idolpixels is now one single gallery - The Premium, Western gallery and Blog content have all been rolled into one site. We've made some changes to categories and simplified them somewhat. But it will still be possible to use tags to search for more specific content. This means that all content will now appear on the main feed, but with fewer images to browse through, it shouldn't be difficult to find imagesets!

Restoration & Broken links

All of the pictures that were in the main Idolpixels gallery have been restored, with the exception of some images that didn't belong to any set - and some links may be broken. If you find any imagesets with broken links, please use the report function (in the Menu) to let us know! Otherwise we might not see it. Imagesets can now be downloaded freely. Each imageset is represented with a single image - To download the set, open the image page and click 'Download Imageset' below the image, or the in menu on the right. NOTE: Currently, there is no way to see how many images each set includes or the filesize of each set.

The RAR password for all imagesets is:

Images that were in the Premium & Western galleries have only been partially restored at this point - we still have about 90% of the content that was previously available in these galleries to upload. Only 10% has been restored so far. We'll be doing this over the coming weeks, along with new imagesets for the site. So stay tuned!

Fair Usage Policy

Due to Idolpixels being a free and privately run site, we have a fair usage policy that governs how much free stuff you can download. Currently, there is a bandwidth limit of 2GB  per day. After you have reached this limit, you cannot download any more imagesets until the limit has been reset. Typically the limit is reset every 24 hours, but sometimes this could be 2-3 days (depending on traffic). You can view how much bandwidth you have left in your Settings page (top right menu).

If you wish to remove this limit, we are now accepting donations via Paypal. If you donate $20 or more, you will receive 20GB bandwidth per day for 30 days. To find out more, please contact us by clicking here and select 'Donations'.

Lost Stuff

Because we've changed our entire gallery, this means that some stuff has inevitably been lost. This includes download counts, view counts, trending images, favourites and comments. Unfortunately we're not able to restore these, as those images no longer exist in the gallery. But we're thinking about the future here - We want to keep Idolpixels online for you fans out there!

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