Special Offer For 23/10 to 25/10

Special Offer For 23/10 to 25/10

発行者 Idolpixels · 2015-10-22T11:29:21+0000

Do you want to help keep Idolpixels online and running? We are having trouble keeping the servers funded to host all this great content. Well then this is your chance to help us out without donating directly. This weekend we are offering a special offer of 20GB of daily bandwidth for one year in exchange for a subscription to 18Tokyo! All you need to do is select '12 months' when joining the site. Please click THIS link to proceed to 18Tokyo. Remember, you must use this link ONLY! You can also subscribe for 3 months or 1 month, but you'll only get the equivalent amount of daily bandwidth. The 12 month offer is the best value for money. A valid credit/debit card will be required to subscribe! After you have made your payment, please contact us by using the form here.  Simply include your username and e-mail address, then after confirming your purchase we'll upgrade your Idolpixels account!

As a big thankyou for your support, you may include a request when contacting us. Thankyou everyone, now let's keep Idolpixels online! Remember, this current offer ENDS at midnight on the 25th October!

TLDR: Purchase a 12 month subscription with 18Tokyo (Click here) and receive 20GB of daily bandwidth at Idolpixels for 1 year!

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