Hello World!

Hello World!

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A word about comments

Lately we've noticed a tendency for certain users to spam the comment sections with single word comments or just the same comment copy and pasted over and over. Well, we don't like this kind of commenting! The bandwidth reward for comments is 50MB, but you have to put in at least a little bit of effort to earn those benefits. Comment spam will usually result in your account either having it's bandwidth removed, being limited or being banned entirely from the site. We will always issue a warning first to those who spam comments, but if you keep doing it, we'll ban you eventually. We don't mind if you post a few comments (maybe 10-15) with the word 'Cute' or 'Nice' for example, but if you post 50 comments exactly the same, then you'll receive an audit and have your bandwidth removed. Examples of good comments are: 'This set contains 20 nice pictures' or 'This girl is very cute!' - There, it's not so hard is it? You can also comment in your own language if you aren't confident in English. If commenting is not your thing, then please just use the 'Like' button! It will also earn you 10MB per click.

How to find stuff

We sometimes get a comment about searching - the search feature is quite difficult if you aren't familiar with it. The best way to search for things is by using underscores in the names, or if you're looking a Japanese model, use the Japanese text. For example; if you're looking for Tomoe Yamanaka (山中知恵) pictures, you could search for more of her stuff by typing ' Tomoe_Yamanaka ', or even better ' 山中知恵 ' because some images won't be tagged. The search feature will look through BOTH the titles and tags, so it will yield more results than if you're using tags. If you search for ' Tomoe Yamanaka ' without the underscore, then the search will return ALL results including both ' Tomoe ' and ' Yamanaka ', which will make it hard to find stuff. If you are looking for girls with a single name, then you can use the 'category' filter to try and isolate the pictures you want. But generally you need to use the full name or the Japanese text. Sometimes it may be quicker to browser by tags to find the girl you want (for example searching for S-Cute girls will be difficult without the full name)

How to become an Uploader

Becoming an uploader on Idolpixels is now possible, but only a select few are chosen for this job. You will need to be familiar with blog usage (such as tagging) and FTP. You'll also need good knowledge of Japanese Idols (or whatever category you'll be uploading for). To become an uploader, first you need to contact us here. We'll explain to you what is required.

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