More about age tags

More about age tags

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We'll try to explain the age tags that we use here on Idolpixels for those who aren't entirely clear. Firstly, the age tags do not necessarily represent the age of the models, and mostly aren't related to the age of the model posted. But they usually do fit into those age brackets. First up is the "13+" tag, which means the the model on the screen is around about 13 or older, but it some cases it has been used on sets where models are over 18. Generally, we do this in categories where most of the content is around the 13-18 range. Most models listed as 13+ will be close to this age, give or take a few years. In some instances there are models featured under 13, usually around 11-12. However the majority of content tagged 13+ will be over that age. Also, a number of models have had long careers spanning several years, which means they may have been 11-12 at the beginning and could be early 20's now. In some cases, that content will still be listed as 13+.

Content that is tagged 16+ is almost exclusively for models aged 16 and above, but not necessarily over 18. The margin for error here is very small, so generally any model with a 16+ tag will be at least 16 in the photoset and no younger. In rare cases this could be 15, but nothing below that. 16+ content is usually non-adult in nature. Some models have been tagged 15+ which is actually an error.  Tagged 18+ is self explanatory. This means the model is definitely over 18 in the photoset. Only 18+ content can contain nudity, but some content may be incorrectly tagged. This is the least ambiguous tag on the site and is usually adult only content. It's also worth mentioning that any age over 18 will be tagged 18+, even for models that are in their 30's. We may look at redoing the age tags in the future; but with so many sets and so many age ranges it's a lot of work. The previous version of the site posted more detailed information about models (including DOB) but that information has since been removed due to time constraints.

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