Stuff to restore

Stuff to restore

発行者 Idolpixels · 2015-06-13T01:52:17+0000

As some of you may have noticed (or not) we are still missing a number of sets from the previous site. This is mostly stuff from the former Premium & Western galleries. We've started restoring these - recently G-Area and Momopuri sets were added - but there are more to come yet. To name a few, some of the upcoming sets in the next few days will include MyWife, X-City, Tokyo 247, S-Cute, Fetibox, Pornograph, RQ Star, Shodo Climax and Real Street Angels. For those curious about the Western Gallery sets, we'll be restoring those in a random order, interlaced with new sets - including Amour Angels, RylSky, Met-Art, Silver-Stars, TMTV and more.

As we restore these sets, several new sets will be added alongside them - And we do intend to upload several of the selfie and amateur sets from before, but those will take a little more time as they aren't well organised. As for the other main content at Idolpixels (Gravure and Junior Idols) those will be delayed for a short while as work on restoring the adult content. After we're satisfied and have restored the majority of the sets, we'll get back to posting regular updates for Gravure, Junior, Korean and AV Idols along with DVD screenshot packs.

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