Bandwidth Reduction

Bandwidth Reduction

発行者 Idolpixels · 2015-09-20T01:29:59+0000

Due to increasing traffic we have decided to reduce the free daily bandwidth from 2GB to 1GB (now 500MB). Generally, most users use less than 1GB per day, however the amount of active users has increased, which is good news, but our overall bandwidth usage has increased. So from tomorrow (2015/09/21) the limit will be reduced. We don't expect to reduce it any further. This will not affect users who donate, who will still receive 20GB of daily bandwidth. It is also still possible to increase your bandwidth by posting comments or favoriting images - Please post productive comments and do not post spam. There is a limit of 100 comments per day, but that's still 5GB of bandwidth if you really need it!

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