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BitCoin Support

発行者 Idolpixels · 2017-02-15T22:29:58+0000

We have now added BitCoin as a donation method. Although we have tried to get an easier method working, such as online payment processing or direct donations, unfortunately these methods have proven unsuccessful due to various personal and technical circumstances. We've also been unable to resurrect previous methods, such as PayPal. Therefore for the time being, we can only offer BitCoin as an alternative solution. We are however still accepting R18 sales if you are not able to send BitCoin. We accept USD equivalent in BTC, so be sure to check the amount you are sending - Your BitCoin application should automatically have an option to show USD. Please do not send any other currency equivalent.

In return for donations, you can receive 20GB of bandwidth (max 250 files) per day without any 5 minute timers.

The amounts we accept (when sending BTC) are as follows:

  • Send BTC Equivalent $10 - Receive 20GB daily for 7 days
  • Send BTC Equivalent $20 - Receive 20GB daily for 30 days
  • Send BTC Equivalent $50 - Receive 20GB daily for 90 days
  • Send BTC Equivalent $100 - Receive 20GB for 180 days
  • Send BTC Equivalent $200 - Receive 20GB Permanently

To donate with BitCoins, simply contact us using the THIS form  You should receive a reply within a few hours, but please allow up to 48 hours

Going Forward

発行者 Idolpixels · 2017-01-30T04:36:43+0000

With the closure of many U-15 studios, it would seem that 2017 will probably be the year that new U-15 content will be discontinued, and current content will be outlawed within the next few years. From recent news reports, it would also appear that the gradual vilification of the industry is starting to take pace, which has lead to the arrest of several managers recently. Overall, at Idolpixels, we feel this could affect the eventual future of this site once the trickle down effect takes place. However, we have no intention of removing or trimming down content at this time - and will remain steadfast in archiving all of this quality content for the foreseeable future. While we cannot say for certain that the site will persevere through these dark times, our passion for this project will not waiver.

Top 10 Images of 2016

発行者 Idolpixels · 2017-01-03T07:29:26+0000

As promised here is the Top 10 Imagesets for 2016, from bottom to top.

#10 - Anjyu Kouzuki (香月杏珠)

#9 - Matoi Watanabe (渡辺まとい)

#8 - Anjyu Kouzuki (香月杏珠)

#7 - Mika Hisakawa (久川美佳)

#6 - Anjyu Kouzuki (香月杏珠)

#5 - Misa Onodera (尾野寺みさ)

#4 - Rei Kuromiya (黒宮れい)

#3 - Rei Kuromiya (黒宮れい)

#2 - Kurumi Miyamaru (宮丸くるみ)

#1 - Anjyu Kouzuki (香月杏珠)

And again Ms Kouzuki is the winner of the year. Although, to be fair she has a lot of sets and some of these were online from early in the year. cool

Some small changes

発行者 Idolpixels · 2016-12-25T03:04:45+0000

Starting from tomorrow, all earnings from posting comments and favorites will be added to a 'earnings total' in your user account. This amount will then be applied on the following day (when the daily allowance is reset). It will no longer be possible to instantly benefit from posting comments and favorites, however the amounts earned will not change - it will be just be delayed. We decided to implement this feature to reduce comment spam and abuse of the comment earnings. You will be able to see your total earnings for the day in the collection of statistics displayed on each download page. The earnings will be applied to your daily allowance and then reset to zero. Please note that deleting your comment or favorite will reduce the earnings.

Donations Update

発行者 Idolpixels · 2016-12-05T07:38:21+0000

Just a reminder that direct donations are currently NOT being accepted on Idolpixels. We are working on a solution, but don't have an eta just yet. If you can't wait until then, please read this post (which has been updated) for how to receive higher bandwidth:

Halloween Competition

発行者 Idolpixels · 2016-10-22T09:36:30+0000

Starting this weekend, running through until the end of 31st October, we are doing a 'Halloween Theme' competition. Users that take part in this competition can earn themselves extra bandwidth, with a top prize of 20GB bandwidth up for grabs. The rules are simple. Your job is to locate and tag Halloween themed images throughout the site. The criteria could be anything that is suitable for Halloween, such as devil cosplay, gothic themes and so on. For example, this image here could be considered Halloween themed.

How To Play:

  • Simply find an image that has a suitable halloween theme and post a comment with the text: Halloween Theme!
  • You must copy and paste the text exactly as it appears.

The Rules:

  • Do not tag images that aren't Halloween related. For example, regular cosplay does not count.
  • Users that continually post the tag on non-Halloween related images will be disqualified.
  • Multiple users cannot tag the same image.
  • If someone has already posted the 'Halloween Theme!' comment, any further tags will not be counted.
  • Each correct tag is worth 100MB of bandwidth.
  • Donating users cannot take part as they already have fixed daily bandwidth.
  • Any category is allowed, including non-Japanese categories.
  • Only the image displayed on the site is counted - images within sets do not count.

The Results:

  • The competition ends on 31st October, 23:59 Japan Time. After this, no further tags will be counted.
  • All tags will be verified at the end of the competition.
  • The comments will be counted on the 1st November, and each correct tag will earn the user 100MB of bandwidth.
  • The user that tags the most images will receive an additional prize of 20GB bandwidth.*
  • The runner up will receive 10GB.*

Good Luck!

* The bandwidth is a one-time only addition to your total, and a 5 minute wait time still applies. It will remain permanently until used.

No PayPal

発行者 Idolpixels · 2016-10-01T10:21:46+0000

We are no longer accepting donations via PayPal  - Please refer to this page for information on how to support the site for the present:

Top 10 Images of 2015

発行者 Idolpixels · 2016-09-18T10:59:41+0000

Since re-opening the site in summer of 2015, Idolpixels has grown to include a large selection of content collected from years of material. During that time we've seen a massive increase in traffic, with a much more focused fanbase downloading content. Although the updated 'downloadable sets' version of the site was only open for 6 months in 2015, it's worth pointing out the Top 10 most viewed images (and subsequently the most popular sets) for that year. It will be interesting to see the end of year statistics for 2016, which you can expect to see in January. For now, here is the list for 2015!

#10 - Asami Kondou (近藤あさみ)

#9 - Miina Tsubaki (椿美衣奈)

#8 - Momoka Sasaki (佐々木桃華)

#7 - Anjyu Kouzuki (香月杏珠)

#6 - Mika Hisakawa (久川美佳)

#5 - Miu Takeshita (竹下美羽)

#4 - Miina Tsubaki (椿美衣奈)

#3 - Yuina Minamoto (源結菜)

#2 - Miina Tsubaki (椿美衣奈)

#1 - Anjyu Kouzuki (香月杏珠)

Anjyu Kouzuki is a clear winner there, with several thousand views ahead of the next most popular pic. That's quite some lead!

Heavy Usage Rules

発行者 Idolpixels · 2016-08-11T02:17:49+0000

To reduce overall costs, we've reduced the total bandwidth increments for users that use high amounts of total bandwidth. For users with 25GB or less, a total of 500MB is added to your account each day (1GB is no longer available). If you have used more than 25GB, then the amount added will be reduced. If you have used more than 125GB, you will no longer receive free bandwidth increments (except for bandwidth earned by posting comments or liking images). Please see below for details. The following bandwidth rules now apply to each tier:

  • 25GB or less - 500MB increment per day
  • 25GB-50GB - 400MB per day
  • 50GB-75GB - 300MB per day
  • 75-100GB - 200MB per day
  • 100GB-125GB - 100MB per day
  • 125GB+ - No daily increments

Donating users will still receive a fixed 20GB per day.

There are still many ways to earn back bandwidth. You can still receive 5MB per favorite and 20MB per comment. You can also earn 20MB for replying to comments or 1MB for comment votes. Rewards are also available for users that accurately point out incorrect information such as set labels, Idol names, report broken links, broken files or report duplicate posts. Each reward point is worth 100MB. Rules and conditions still apply to all earning methods.

More about Categories

発行者 Idolpixels · 2016-05-05T06:07:23+0000

On occasion we get a message about a set or pack that was downloaded and turned out to be different from what was expected. This is largely down to misunderstanding the categories on the site. To help clear things up, here is a brief summary of those categories.

  • Gravure Idols – Pretty self explanatory, this section contains all Gravure Idol content. But it could also include some ex-Junior Idols, AV Idols who did Gravure work, Cosplay models and a few other sets related to the category.
  • Junior Idols – Typically all U-15 imageset content goes in this category, however it's also possible to find a lot of Gravure Content too (16+) because the models have crossed over into other agencies but are generally well known as Junior Idols beforehand. 
  • AV Idols – Any Japanese explicit imagesets (such as 18+ AV content) that include nudity, erotica or hardcore pictures can be found in this category. But not all AV sets contain nudity, and there is a large non-nude and softcore selection too.
  • Idol Magazines – Generally just collections of magazines available in Japan, including Junior, Gravure and AV Idols. Most of these sets are quite small.
  • Chinese & Central Asian – Anything that comes out of China or Central Asia generally fits here, not including Korean stuff which has it's own category. Both nude and non-nude sets are included.
  • Korean Idols – Includes any Korean content we have, including racing models, K-Pop stars, Korean actresses and magazine shoots.
  • Western Teens – This section includes European/US agencies that have models under the age of 21, or under the age of 18, depending on the agency. Mostly non-nude.
  • Softcore Models – Exclusively for Western softcore, usually includes nudity and 18+ only.
  • Amateur Fashion/Selfie Packs – This is kind of a bonus section covering Japanese Idols & Jailbait. It includes selfie packs (both small and large) and preview sets. These are usually just small pictures taken with phones, or screenshots from Idol blogs/twitters feeds. Both nude and non-nude can be found.
  • Desktop Packs – A relatively small section of desktop wallpapers. Each pack contains about 100 wallpaper size pics. Not updated often.
  • Screenshot packs – Often mistaken for video downloads, this section is a large collection of screenshots from Idol videos. Some packs are small, while others are huge.

Move Complete

発行者 Idolpixels · 2016-04-03T06:58:59+0000

As of yesterday, we have moved all the Screenshot Packs and Softcore Model sets over to Rapidgator. This is to save space on our server, and keeps us online for longer either until we upgrade the server or explode. However, some donating users have expressed their regrets regarding the loss of files from the server - after all they donated, and should be entitled to everything, right? Well, not really. Donating to the site helps us pay the bills for the server, keeps the lights on, keeps everything clean and tidy etc... It's not a subscription! Receiving 20GB of daily bandwidth is a benefit of your donation and it doesn't give you control over what content we decide to host. It even states in our terms of service that we reserve the right to remove content at any time. Obviously we would prefer to host everything, but there are limitations that have to be considered as the site grows bigger.

However, as we are gracious hosts and appreciate contributions, we have decided to add a 'request' feature to allow donating users to submit a request for files to be uploaded to the server, allowing them to avoid going through Rapidgator. We feel this is a fair compromise. Requests can be submitted in the form of comments. Once the request has been accepted, we'll reply and you'll see a new option in the 'Image Menu' to download the imageset from the server. These links will only be valid for up to 30 days and they will only work for users that have donated to the site. Due to technical limitations it's not possible to receive the exact file size, so each download from this method will cost 50MB, even if the files are smaller or larger.


We *do* plan on upgrading the server when we can afford it. Right now it's not an option, but possibly in 2-3 months (maybe sooner, maybe later) we might be able to make an upgrade. If this goes ahead, then all files will again be hosted on - We might just leave the Rapidgator links as a mirror. But at the moment we don't have enough room. So if you're interested in seeing us upgrade, stay online and keeping everything hosted on the server, please consider donating to help us out!

File Lockers & Copyright Issues

発行者 Idolpixels · 2016-03-30T05:50:03+0000

Due to the increasing difficulty of hosting this content on our current server, and because we've used up nearly all of our allocated space, we've decided it's time to fall back from self-hosting content and switch to using a file locker for certain content. There are numerous reasons for this decision including not only server space - but also complaints from copyright holders and heavy use of resources on the server, resources that we'd rather allocate elsewhere. Because a server upgrade is out of the question right now (it's too expensive and too much work - it took us a whole month to setup Idolpixels after changing servers last summer...) and after debating what to do about it, it came down to two choices.

The first option was to reduce or delete some content on the site - For example by removing content that isn't as popular or downloaded often. But we feel that 'cutting off' a part of the site's content is not much different from shutting down. All that work and time would be wasted, and all those links would be toast. So, instead, we've decided to go for option number two - That is moving some downloads to a file host. This unfortunately does mean that it will no longer be possible to benefit from our bandwidth allocation for all files; and it does mean that free users will be limited to only a few downloads for these types. On the other hand, it does mean that premium users will get instant and high speed access to content.

Downloading these files won't affect your bandwidth here at Idolpixels, but it will be restricted unless you have an account. Right now, the only files that will be affected by this change include SCREENSHOT PACKS and SOFTCORE MODELS. The reason for this is because those two categories take up a lot of space on our server, but are not as popular as some of the other categories. EDIT: We have implemented this change ahead of schedule, if you find any broken links please report them!

It's also possible in the near future that we'll switch entirely to using a file locker for all content, but that's not something we're prepared to do at this stage. If you have any suggestions or wish to help, please contact us! (from the menu) - Thankyou!

Oh, and one more thing: A certain agency recently e-mailed us a DMCA complaint about certain content on the site. Unfortunately, if we proceed to remove this content, it will take most of the popular files off the server. Since we are neither based in the US or associated with a US hosting company, we've decided to delay this DMCA for the time being as our site is not liable under US laws - However to 'partly' appease the copyright holder, we've blocked all access to Idolpixels from Japan for the time being. If you wish to be whitelisted for access to this site in Japan please contact us.

New Limits

発行者 Idolpixels · 2016-03-17T08:34:37+0000

Due to the excessive usage of resources in recent weeks and months, we have decided to introduce two further download limitations to prevent abuse of site resources. We feel that the current bandwidth limit of 1GB per day is fair (incremented only if you have less than 50MB remaining), so we're not going to be reducing that. (Updated 2016/09/01: The daily cap is now 500MB) We recently reduced the comment limit to 25 posts per day (replies don't count); and to combine with that we've now introduced a 'favorite limit' where you can only favorite up to 100 images per day. Although we welcome users that contribute by interacting with the site, some users spend their entire day favoriting random images just to obtain extra traffic - And that's fine, but we feel there should be a limit to that. And that's 100 per day!

Also, due to the large number of files on our server we've found that some users are downloading excessive amounts of data in a single day; to prevent this we've capped the maximum daily downloads to 150 files for regular users and 250 files for donating users. Unless you want to volunteer to pay the bills for the server, that's how it's going to be from now. smiley  Thankyou for your understanding and please remember Idolpixels is uniquely providing this content freely at expense of money and time.

More about age tags

発行者 Idolpixels · 2016-02-19T06:00:44+0000

We'll try to explain the age tags that we use here on Idolpixels for those who aren't entirely clear. Firstly, the age tags do not necessarily represent the age of the models, and mostly aren't related to the age of the model posted. But they usually do fit into those age brackets. First up is the "13+" tag, which means the the model on the screen is around about 13 or older, but it some cases it has been used on sets where models are over 18. Generally, we do this in categories where most of the content is around the 13-18 range. Most models listed as 13+ will be close to this age, give or take a few years. In some instances there are models featured under 13, usually around 11-12. However the majority of content tagged 13+ will be over that age. Also, a number of models have had long careers spanning several years, which means they may have been 11-12 at the beginning and could be early 20's now. In some cases, that content will still be listed as 13+.

Content that is tagged 16+ is almost exclusively for models aged 16 and above, but not necessarily over 18. The margin for error here is very small, so generally any model with a 16+ tag will be at least 16 in the photoset and no younger. In rare cases this could be 15, but nothing below that. 16+ content is usually non-adult in nature. Some models have been tagged 15+ which is actually an error.  Tagged 18+ is self explanatory. This means the model is definitely over 18 in the photoset. Only 18+ content can contain nudity, but some content may be incorrectly tagged. This is the least ambiguous tag on the site and is usually adult only content. It's also worth mentioning that any age over 18 will be tagged 18+, even for models that are in their 30's. We may look at redoing the age tags in the future; but with so many sets and so many age ranges it's a lot of work. The previous version of the site posted more detailed information about models (including DOB) but that information has since been removed due to time constraints.

Comment reduction

発行者 Idolpixels · 2015-12-18T10:22:08+0000

To reduce the overall bandwidth usage of the site and to cut down on spam comments, we've reduced the bandwidth earned by posting comments to 25MB from 50MB. Although the majority of users post useful comments and comments that contribute to the site, there are still a number of comment spammers or just generally lazy posters - While we don't want to discourage interaction with the site, the overall cost of running Idolpixels is a big factor to consider when we do these calculations. The amount of bandwidth earned for favorites will remain at 10MB each. Again, as previously mentioned, the daily comment limit is 25 comments - But users that continue to post one word comments may have their traffic reduced, or be banned entirely depending on the severity of the spam.

And please remember that Idolpixels is a free website for all users - We request donations to help keep the server online, but we don't charge anyone to access the content. And this is probably one of the only sites to self-host this content. So please, continue to support the site with great comments and if possible, donations. Thankyou for your cooperation! :)



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