How can I download content?

Our new version of the site now offers users with the ability to download imagesets instead of viewing them. Each imageset is represented by a single image from that set. To download a full imageset, simply click on any image and then from the small menu on the right click 'Download imageset'. You can also use the link below each image. This will count toward your daily download limit. Each imageset comes in RAR format, and has the password: idolpixels.net

How do I get more bandwidth?

The default daily allowance is 100MB per user. To get more daily bandwidth (up to 700MB) you must earn points. Points are earned by posting useful comments, replies or favoriting images. Please refer to the terms of service page for more detailed information. Donating users can get up to 20GB per day.

Why are some sets smaller than they should be?

Idolpixels is a free service, and as such, some imagesets may be incomplete or slightly altered (such as reduced size). This is simply because we don't have the resources to host everything. In some cases, we may not have access to all the images or chose not to include them due to our site guidelines. Some imagesets may contain only a few pictures, while others may contain over 100 pictures.

How is Idolpixels different from other image sites?

Idolpixels does not alter images or add watermarks, unless they were already present. We are probably among the most generous of sharing sites that exists - no paywalls, no banners and no false advertisements.

What are the terms of use?

Please refer to the terms of use before using our site. Click here to find out more.

What happened to the Premium and Western galleries?

Until recently, Idolpixels was divided into three different sites - The first hosting Non-Nude Gravure & Junior content, the second was the Premium Gallery which was exclusively for JAV images, and the third was the Western Gallery which housed various Nude & Non-Nude European content. Due to the increasing size of our site, we decided it was time to reduce the image gallery to a smaller size with downloadable imagesets, as opposed to viewable imagesets. As a result we also merged all three sites into one.

What's in the blog?

The blog originally contained DVD screenshot imagesets and links to the Premium/Western galleries. Now that these have been integrated into the main site, the blog will now be for announcements and other information.

I can't register or I've lost my password!

If you are having trouble using the registration form (and have tried both standard or Facebook registration), or cannot retrieve a password reset link then please contact us here with your request. If you cannot register, please include your desired Username and Password in your message. If you are having trouble resetting your password, let us know what your Username is first.

Why don't you post videos?

Idolpixels is and always will be an image-focused site. We believe in the right to share content as much as the next fan, but uploading video content, specifically Idol or AV movies is costly to maintain and faces numerous copyright issues. As a result of this, we will never share those particular types of media on Idolpixels. You can however, find samples of Idol videos by downloading DVD screenshot sets.

The site is slow?

On occasion Idolpixels experiences surges in traffic. This may cause pages to load slowly for a few minutes each day. Although our site uses compression techniques a fast internet connection is required to display Idolpixels.


This document was last updated on December 12th, 2017



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